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Roof Facias & Soffit Installs

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Roof Facias & Soffit Installs South London

Like all components to your house, wet weather conditions and daily wear can tear can cause damage. It is important to remember that the Fascia and Soffit are considered the most important part to your roofs structure and function, as they are designed to block any water entering your home. So, as such elements deteriorate, you are jeopardising the safety of your roof. At Exquisite Construction we have a small group of highly skilled craftsmen, with years of experience to help restore, maintain and install such key components to your roof.

Facia And Soffit Costs, Repair Costs & Install Process

You’ll find the fascia mounted where the roof and outer walls meet, this typically is fixed directly to the roof trusses and is a straight board which runs along the lower edge of the roof. The fascia is also the part which is designed to carry all the guttering and support to bottom row of tiles, but it’s primary function is to provide a barrier against wet weather conditions, in turn preventing water damage to your home. The soffit plays a key role in ventilation of your attic or loft. Visible from street level, the soffit are typically designed with tiny holes to allow airflow to circulate, preventing heat and moisture damage to your home which can lead to damp and rot and a snowballing effect of other unwanted and avoidable problems.

At Exquisite Construction we only use the highest quality of materials so we can guarantee you with a reliable and durable final product. Typically for the soffits we provide and install, we use a vinyl material. Due to the unpredictable weather climate in the United Kingdom, too much exposure to changing temperature and wet conditions, vinyl has been proven a reliable material as it is not only extremely water resistant but also much more cost effective. Vinyl, cheaper to produce, will also facilitate in energy saving as it allows for regulation of temperature throughout your attic and in turn the rest of your home. But at Exquisite Construction we aim to please on both function and aesthetics, and we understand the importance of appearance and will ensure complete satisfaction from our craftsmanship.

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